The beginning

Inform//Acción was founded in 1999 by Jorge Matte L. and Alfonso Rodríguez A.

Jorge, who has unfortunately passed away, was the guru and almost the creator of motivational research in Mexico, which then became what we now know as qualitative research.

Afonso was one of his first disciples in 1969, but beyond his long career, he is a fan of new technologies and methodologies: online communities, bulletin boards, mobile research, self-ethnography, behavioral economics…

Our Mission

To deeply study human beings -complex and difficult to predict- with a basis of scientific knowledge, and taking special care of every detail of our procedures.

Our Vision

To discover and reveal actionable insights that help our clients take adequate decisions for the development of their projects and brands.

Our Task


IT’S NOT ONE, IT’S FOUR: to listen, to observe, to analyze and to collaborate.


Our Focus


We will do whatever our client asks for, but whenever it is relevant, we will recommend using new technologies and methodologies.

Among them, our favorite: Bulletin Board Groups (BBGs).

Follow this link to find out more about BBG's

Our Code of Ethics

  • To work with the highest sense of honesty and transparency.
  • Strict observation of the laws of our industry and our country.
  • Professionalism, dedication and a sense of marketing in everything we do.
  • We understand that the result of each study might impact the future of our client… as well as ours.

Our Team


Packed with a great level of knowledge which studying at UNAM provided him, he began as a moderator of motivational studies in 1969 under the mentoring of Jorge Matte, who was then the guru of this field in Mexico. Throughout his professional life, Alfonso has directed hundreds of qualitative studies. Today, he is particularly interested in new research technologies and methodologies, which allow to go deeper into consumer insights: bulletin board groups, webcam online interviews, online focus groups, mobile research, neuromarketing and more.


Mariana is an extraordinary moderator of focus groups and in-depth interviews, both face to-face and online, with more than 15 years of experience searching for actionable insights. She has a bachelor degree in Psychology by Universidad Iberoamericana and studied Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the Asociación Psiconanalítica Mexicana. She speaks, reads and writes in English as fluently as she does in Spanish; thus, she is our first choice for projects where foreign clients are involved.


Jos has specialized in consumer analysis focused on nurturing communication strategies. He has more than 10 years of experience as a planner and qualitative researcher and has also played a role as an insight catalyst for strategy processes. He has a bachelor degree in Marketing and Publicity by Universidad del Nuevo Mundo, and he currently teaches two subjects which are part of the Marketing and Publicity program at CENTRO, a university which is focused on developing creativity for design, cinematography and television.


She has successfully conducted qualitative and ethnographic market research projects for over 10 years about practically all categories in different agencies. She has two bachelor degrees by Universidad Tecnológica de México, one in Marketing and other in Psychology, and also a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology by Universidad Anáhuac. She’s an expert in comprehending, creating, communicating and offering valuable findings to clients.


With over ten years of experience in consumer insights and research methodologies, Brenda is an expert in the creation of marketing plans; her strength is to connect insights with the business strategy. She has a bachelor degree in Communications, with specialization in Strategic Marketing and Innovation. She is currently our Sales Director.


She has been our logistics coordinator for over 10 years. She has a bachelor degree in Commercial Relations by ESCA (part of Instituto Politécnico Nacional). She has an insuperable empathetic ability, which helps her develop the best relationships with clients, suppliers and participants of our research projects.


He has a bachelor degree in Communication by ESIME IPN. He provides technical support and assures the right functioning of our computer systems and our network connectivity. He guides our personnel in the correct use of their equipment, programs and attachments. He is in charge of coordinating online studies, as well as hiring and supervising the platforms we hire (Focus Vision, Qualboard, Recollective).

Snoopy & Mafalda

All-round talent
Our pets have the names of two famous comic characters. Snoopy encourages us to be dreamy, optimistic and relaxed. Mafalda urges us to be idealistic, challenging and concerned about the socio-political environment. Together, they remind us of our objective: to study similarities and differences across targets in order to come up with actionable insights.